Tuesday, January 11

Look Kids, Vintage!

Before I get into the vintage stuff, I have to send out my best..rather tense... wishes to those in Brisbane at the moment. Southeast Queensland is undergoing the worst floods in 37 years, and it's far from over.

Me, I'm far south, in New South Wales...but I'm stuck here now, as the road is cut from Grafton to Ballina, so there's no getting home for me just yet. The flooding is spreading further south into New South Wales...we simply don't know how bad it will get.

While I don't want to belittle the seriousness of the floods, nor forget about it, I don't want to be depressing either, so I'll move on and not dwell on it.

So, as I was saying- LOOK KIDS, VINTAGE!

This is my trolley at the airport today. I only brought back about half of what I bought, the rest is being posted.

Which I'm very glad about, because aside from the horrendous excess baggage charges that I was slugged with, I doubt I'd have had enough strength left in my arms to wrestle any more bags throught the airport.

My arms are so tired I could barely even push the trolley, I spent 4 hours with a vintage costumer this morning, whipping through another few hundred pieces and bought some more too.

I've never worked so hard in order to spend money!

Here's a look at the funky hotel I stayed at in Melbourne.

Bigger than it looks, it includes the ivy-covered building, and extends past the yellow portico.

I found this hotel on the internet at the last minute, and had no idea it would appeal to me so much.

I'd have been quite happy to chop this light fittings cord straight off and sneak off with the whole huge thing.

Rooftop lap pool, sweet, but really, who'd swim in Melbourne!

Casala chairs and Caroma stools on the deck, awesome! Not sure why there aren't any plastic pink flamingoes though, they'd fit right in.

Great views of the city too, it'd look fantastic at night with all the lights.

Hows this for a rock'n'roll room! I loved it.

Woops nearly forgot my outfit pics.
I love these shoes but hardly ever wear them.

I wore them with a 60s acetate shift dress I bought yesterday.

I love this bright funky print!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Gee! The hotel looks amazing! You only see stuff like that at the most expensive places around here... If you can find them.

Cute shoes!

fabriquefantastique said...

rock'n roll room is a hoot.

Penny Dreadful said...

Ooh, the black and white striped walls are fabulous. And a lap pool, cool! Love your dress very much.

Vintage Vixen said...

Just when i was going to say how much I loved the hotel you show us your outfit and blow me away. kitty you look gorgeous. xxx

Miss Emmi said...

I live in Melbourne but I'd totally stay at that hotel because of how pretty it looks!

The queensland situation is really scary, I'm afraid of how much worse it will get...

Lime Vintage said...

Holy heck that is a gorgeous hotel and I love that funky green dress, it looks great on you.

Mrs Cleaver said...

I was thinking of you yesterday as we were watching all the horrendous footage on tv.I figured you were probably stuck down here but at least you & VB are safe.My brother nearly got stuck in caboolture but made it out in time thankfully.
Awesome hotel!The dress & shoes are just fantastic,you look gorgeous!

Misfits Vintage said...

I have my fingers crossed for everyone in Qld with this biblical weather - what's with the drought for the last decade and now suddenly everything is in flood???

OK I do NOT know where to start with all of this fabulousness... your frock (WOWSAHHH!!!), your shoes (Woohoo!), your hotel wallpaper, the terrace, the chandelier with the candy pink striped walls!!! It's all just so fab I want to live in that hotel, in your frock.

I'm so happy you had such a successful trip Kitty, and I hope you get home safely soon.

Sarah xxx

delia hornbook said...

wow that hotel looks amazing and so colourful. You sound like you have had a ball ;-)) I love your dress the colour and pattern are so fun ;-))and looks great on you. Can't wait to see some of what you have bought. Hope you manage to get home soon. Dee x

Lisa said...

Love the rock n roll wallpaper and the dress! Neat-o.

theoldboathouse said...

Hey kitty you looked like you had a fun time and that hotel is just awesome. Sorry to hear you are stuck but glad your home and family are all dry and safe. It is so strange up here. It is just surreal. The watered have gone down a little but still not far enough to really get in and help clean up etc. I feel useless too and I am here on the edge of it. Hope you can get home soon, cheers katherine

VildesVerden said...

Looks awesome!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Love the light fitting! And your shoes!! Fabulous xx

Emma said...

wow that hotel looks fab! what was the name of it? x